Friday, March 30, 2007

Race Jitters

What is it about races that give you the jitters? For most us we’ll never win the race or even our age group. Maybe it’s the fact that we train and train through rain, snow, sleet. We are out there when the postman isn’t. We’re out the door at absurd hours of the morning when our rational thinking mind tells us we should be sleeping. We sacrifice lots to gain so little. Or is it little? These small victories, our ‘personal best’ bring out the Walter Mitty in all of us. In our mind we hear every cheer and the winners who finish miles ahead of you don’t really exist. Your race is the 50 feet in front and fifty feet behind some where around two miles to go.

You see I don’t believe in Type ‘A’ personalities. I believe every runner has something deep inside wanting to be their best that day. Whether your name is Gebreselassie or Smith you know that you have trained the hardest your schedule and life permits. Now you put it all out there for the world to see.

You expose yourself and whatever weaknesses you have. You against the clock for the ‘PB’. Superman has no weakness. There is no kryptonite today.

Yeah that’s it . . .jitters? what jitters? . .Bring it!

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