Monday, June 11, 2007

Pole Fitness

I’m no expert I’m not even well informed but pole fitness is one of the latest crazes to catch on to the mainstream. I guess you could say it got its roots from seedy bars and exotic dancers but that where it launched from and it never looked back.

I take my hat off to the people who do it because it is really tough. I’ve tried it. If I were to compare it to other sports I’ve tried I would say it’s somewhere between rock climbing for its upper body and core strength and dance for its endurance and pure poetic moves.

My wife caught the bug over a year ago. I’ve bought a pole for her home studio and she gets on there about 3 or 4 times a week. She’ll work out for an hour or so practicing these freaky acrobatic moves that are gravity defying to say the very least. When put together it is poetry. It’s not really dance because it would almost being understating the ability of the pole fitness person. All pole people can dance but not all dancers can pole.

I’ve often thought about building up my core strength using my wife’s pole because I’ve seen the progress in her core. Then I actually get on for a move or two and then decide I’d rather go for a five miler in the trails. So I do. I’m extremely proud of you honey but for me the pole will have to wait another day!

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