Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's been a tough month! A bit of travel, a lot of rain and not a whole lot of running. I've been kind of down and out lately. I'm not sure if this is still post ultra blues or not. It's been about 3 months since my race and I would almost guess I've run less than 100 miles in those 3. Of course it is winter and winter in Mission usually means rain. I was reading a friends blog the other day and he had a post entitled "Rain, Rain Go Away" He talks about the debilitating effects of the rain on your motivation to run. I couldn't agree more.

I've been playing with the idea of running before bed instead of early in the morning.

1) It's easy to lace 'em up after a frustrating day of work and after the kids go to bed.
2) I don't have to rush home before the kids get up, unless I run all night (a la Dean Karnazes)
3) My energy stores will be more in sync as I would have had 3 square meals rather than a fast of about 8 hours.
4) Bodily systems would be more in sync as I would have completed my business long before. (If you know what I mean ;-)
5) I would actually get to sleep in, which is what I've been doing anyways.

On the down side
1) I've heard its harder to get to sleep right after a run because of endorphins and such.
2) After the kids go to bed is usually our couple time. I could wait until 9 when she goes to bed.
3) If it rains and I take the dog he'll be wet and although I personally don't mind the smell of wet dog I think my wife might have something to say.
4) There are more crazies out at night then there is in the morning.

I still don't know it could go both ways. Probably the most appealing aspect is the Pros as the Cons don't seem all too bad.

I'll let you know.


  1. oh I agree about the crazies!! The sky goes dark...and the lunitics come out! Wow!

  2. Just a message to you...not regarding this blog post.
    I finally was able to hear what others have been speaking about. I found and got to listen to episode 39 - Back in Edmonton. I agree with Dirt Dawg, Kelownagurl and others that have stated it is a shame that you have stopped podcasting. The episode was fantastic listening! Of course for me, it was also about hearing the names of street that I am quite familiar with. My Grandparents lived out in Lake Errock on the highway, and it seems that I spent half my life out there in Mission. Although...I think the last time that I was out there was when my Grandpa's fire truck (from the North Fraser volunter Fire Department) carried his casket to the cemetary. Such a long time ago... is a shame that you could not do one even every couple of months! I know that there are lots of fans that would love to hear them still...although we all understand you rational for stopping. Just hoping! :)
    Well...thanks for the one episode that I could find to listen to!

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