Monday, January 10, 2011

Where did the Mojo go?

I’m having a bit of a crisis getting my mojo going for 2011. Maybe it’s the fact that there was so many people who I follow were doing the Goofy Challenge and my vicarious life has been satiated through there accomplishments. Or that some of these same people have yet another marathon or big race planned less than 16 weeks out. Or maybe it’s the fact that after working my ass off qualifying for Boston I came up short in the funding and was a no go for this year and most likely next year as well. The fact of the matter is these races cost a lot of money, hell, shoes cost a lot of money. But my passion is running and therefore to keep my sanity I must run.
I was listening to the DDRD, that would be Dirt Dawg’s Running Diatribe Podcast last week and I had a bit of an epiphany. His guest interviewer was a fellow blogger/runner who made the comment that she could not run without a goal, without a purpose. It brought to mind all the books on motivation and drive that I have read. Side Note: Why is it that people who lack it always seem to gravitate towards books about the subject matter? No matter, my research tells me they all seem to break it down into three things and depending on whose book you’re reading it comes down to:
1) Autonomy-that self driven, master of your own domain facet that must be met to keep the wheel turning.
2) Mastery – the sense that you are accomplishing your goal through endless repetition. Positive feedback loops, 10,000 hours of practice. No lie! Ask Malcolm Gladwell. A good coach doesn’t hurt either.
3) Purpose – the Why! Or better said the WHY? A lot has been written about this and I’m going to boil it down to Intrinsic and Extrinsic goals. Your goals have to be intrinsic if they are going to get you through the rough spots. They have to fulfill some need within you.
I need races to fulfill the why. A race that I had been eyeing was the Chuckanut Mtn 50K. Not to say that fate is playing against me but this year’s race sold out in 2 hours. Although the start line is about an hour from my house it filled up with the likes of Krupicka, Roes, and Jurek. Wow Ultrarunning celebs in my neck of the woods.
So I enter the spring season with no definitive goal and in essence a serious mojo problem.
Here is what I have for ideas so far:
1) Self supported Ultra. Probably a 50 miler or 12 hour. No bells no whistles, no fees . . .no problem
2) Join Club Fat Ass and enter a few of their races.
3) Find a cheap Ultra and just sign on the dotted line and open up those purse strings.
4) Get faster! Train for a 5K, 10K or a mile.
5) Take up another sport. . . Naaah!


  1. How about a 12 or 24 hour run for charity?

  2. Good points. My mojo is only affected by the fact that I can't run currently. But even when I'm able to run, I get into a rut sometimes. I was planning on backing off the distance this year and trying to work on speed, so I'm partial to that idea myself. I like options 1-4, though. Didn't know you were that close to Chuckanut. I'm only about 90 minutes away myself. Small world.
    Anyway, don't feel bad about taking a little mental break. Your mojo will return at full strength when it's ready.