Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I lead an interesting life

I lead an interesting life.  With 4 children it's never boring.  It's never quiet and never boring.  What follows is an amalgam of the past 5 weeks or there abouts.  At times my head spins so much I lose track of the days.

Last month my eldest son took Gold in a speech contest conducted entirely in French.  How cool is that?  His topic was racsim.

One week later my middle son got some sort of infection and his first severe migraine that laid him up in Childrens Hospital for a weekend.  One course of antibiotic, a couple of blood tests a CT scan and a spinal tap and we are all good.
The very next weekend we are in a lacrosse tournament in Vancouver where he wins the Gold Medal. Nice recovery my boy!
Last weekend I was at a structure fire.  The person who was transported via this helicopter apparently lit a cigarette in the garage and some fumes ignited. The explosion shook the entire block.  I took this pic with my Blackberry and caught the rainbow.

Same weekend I ran the Run for Water Half Marathon.  I've never run a half marathon with a running stroller but thought it would be fun.  I wasn't wrong. Final time was 1:52.18 which was good for 112th out of 504 runners. Kallie had a blast she loved the candy on the course!

What you aren't seeing is pictures from the swim meet jammed in there for good measure.  My oldest got 5 PRs which was pretty much every single event he swam and my youngest son got 4 PRs.  Amazing!  We juggled in two lacrosse games during the weekend.  did I forget to mention that?
I thought I would add this one in.  After a fun filled weekend I am in Edmonton I just get out of the car at the hotel and the SWAT team is taking down something.  I don't think I've ever seen assault rifles in real life before.


  1. What a weekend buddy! Glad to hear your son is better now! Watching your kids sick is never easy. Now...find some time to get another podcast out there... :>D

  2. Busy busy busy

    Gotta love a SWAT take down!

  3. Terrific Podcast! I am also a father, two boys (3 and 7) and sometimes (manytimes) find it challenging to carve out time for my workouts with my crazy work schedule, helping around the house, and being there for my wife and kids. I thought your half marathon story was terrific...WOW. What a great time, and pushing a stoller! What a sweet kid you have to chill out for that long while you run. I've tried running with the kids....pulling on the bike works a little better, but they are getting a little too big, I think. Anyways, thank for sharing, and I always appreciate hearing how you are doing.

    From the States,
    Michael (mworobiec1@yahoo.com)