Friday, October 20, 2006

Countdown to Hawaii

Well it's friday, two days before I fly out to Hawaii for an installation. I try and convince people that it is mostly work and long hours but all they hear is 'Hawaii'.

The thing I'm excited about is the Ironman. It's actually tomorrow but maybe I'll see some cool bikes or something. I think to be a runner and be in close proximity to the world's best triathletes is exciting. Not only that but the Xterra World Championships are next weekend on Maui which is also cool.

I can only hope that the hours aren't too long so I can get some running in. I'm actually about a mile from the beach and I know we're having breakfast at 6:30 everyday and in the plant by 7. The boss says to expect to work 10 hr days, so that is 5:00. I might be able to squeeze in an hour before dark and dinner. We'll have to wait and see. I suppose I can run in the morning but running before dawn in a strange place doesn't sound too appealing.

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