Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lists of Running Blogs

I love to peruse the running blog website. It lists well over a thousand links to blogs of runners like you and me. There are so many blogs to read. Just like a busy person with email you can't read all of them, so you scan some and actually read others.

Which one's to read becomes somewhat of an advertising game . Obviously you want to read about something that interests you. So you try and pick a blog title that catchs your interest. Or you read the little thingy after the title and pick from that description.

Therefore it becomes important, if you want your blog read, to pick a blog name that is eye catching. Also important is to pick is to fill that description thingy with something of equal interest.

Not to single anyone out I'll make up a fictitious blog. For example, if you call your blog 'The Runner' well that maybe okay in the general population but it gets lost in a list of running blogs where a large percentage have the words run, runner, or running in them. Now if you called it 'Trail Runner' you've delineated yourself between road, track, and trails. That would catch my eye.

As for the description thingy well I'm no expert because as of this writing I don't have one. But the one's I've seen and the one's I've read you've got a finite amount of characters to describe your blog and to catch an audience. I saw one blog where he had a description that did not fit the space allowance so his point was lost in cyberspace.

I think once I have something interesting to say I'll change my blog description to suit. I'll also lengthen my blog name to become more precise.

Let's see:

Ultra dad- Quest for 100

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