Saturday, June 3, 2006

Countdown to Disney

It's Saturday night! This time next week we'll be in Disneyland. We leave early early thursday morning. We have a 7 am flight which means we'll leave the house around 3 am and our kids still don't know. I'm pretty stoked about going. I really need the time off.

It's been a full week and surprisingly I've actually been home for most of it.

Sunday -my folks came over for the first time ever we've lived in this house since July. Although this is probably the first time we've ever invited them. I ran for 42 minutes and change in and around Mission. It wasn't much of a long run per se but I've been feeling really horrible about running lately and when I do I scrap everything and I start from scratch.

Monday- I ran again for 36 minutes and change. I'm guessing my pace is around 10 minute miles. Koda my faithful running partner was happy to comply with my slower than normal pace.

Tuesday- No run today. Slept in. Whenever I get a page in the middle of the night waking up at 5 am is tough if you don't have too. Koda my running partner was pissed. What was the page you ask? Three dumpster fires at the same time. Kids! Where are there parents at 11:30 at night.

Wednesday- Wicked Wednesday. Intervals. I was always concerned about Koda running off while I ran around the track but he stayed around went for a swim, did a few laps, basically had a ball. As for me I did 4 x 800s in 3:30 with 2 minute rests. I thought they were pretty good. I didn't have my Heart Rate Monitor so I can only gauge perceived effort which was sub-maximal. Either the rests were too long or the pace was too easy. I'll do it again next week at 3:20 same rest.

Thursday- Easy jog around the neighbourhood south of 7th Ave. Waved to a few people just getting into their morning. I saw Dean Milan driving to work and Nancy Olund picking up her morning paper and Dean Heriot into his morning drive. Just as I was finishing my run another page. "Smoke inside Mission Central" it turned out to be an attempted arson. A page later that morning came in for the duty crew, I went. It turns out somebody had taken a flammable liquid and poured a substantial amount of it all along the back of the school and lit it. The walls were all scorched. They cancelled school at Central for the day. We found the 2 gallon gas can in the bushes.

Friday- Retirement Party. After a long anticipated wait my mother-in-law is retiring from school teaching after many many years. My day started off with a quick trip to Kamloops and back. The party was held at the school first with an Open House. A lot of fanfare and speeches and some crying. It was fairly emotional but I kept it together unlike Jenny. Wow I've gained a lot of respect for teachers over the years I don't think I could do the job for a day let alone 30+ years.

Congratulations Pat . . . you rock!
The rest of the evening was spent at the local golf course. Dinner and some more speeches. I wrote a speech for which I'm quite proud of but I never got the nerve to say. Maybe I'll post it another time.

Saturday is today. I was planning a run this morning. I got the Camelbak filled and refrigerated, the clothes laid out the night before. And then at 2:30 in the freakin' morning . . .beep, beep, beep . . "Structure fire on 12th Avenue" Unfortunately or fortunately the structure was a bush. Someone had seen it from a distance and later confirm it as a hedge not a house. Good for an adrenaline rush. Bad for a good nights sleep. Needless to say I slept in and Koda was once again pissed. Oh well tomorrow is another chance at a run.

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