Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things I learned from Disneyland

Back at it. Well I’m back from Disneyland. In fact I’ve been back for a week I just haven’t had time to blog. I didn’t run the whole time I was there but I sure did a whole lot of walking. We got the 5 day park hopper which toward the end seemed like the March of Death, I was so tired. It’s pretty hard to believe that a guy who wants to do an Ultra can complain about five days at Disneyland but it is wearisome (Is that a word).

10 Things I learned traveling to Disneyland
10. Keep an eye on all your children’s belongings. Jackets, hats, glasses, stuffed animals have a habit of staying where they were put down. I’ve got a story for each of them.

9. Bring water because water is expensive in the Magic Kingdom. I picked up this sweet Camelbak (a M.U.L.E.) from Big 5 Sport Store which is 2 miles from Disneyland.

8. Shop for as many groceries as you are going to need as far away from The Magic Kingdom as you can afford to go. We took the whole family south on the #46? It goes down Harbor Blvd and passes by a Target (Which is right next to Big 5 Sports). We picked up milk, juice, raincoats, umbrellas, cereal, and all sorts of stuff.

7. If you’ve got kids under 7 or 8 pick up an umbrella stroller at Target if you go. They are less than $10 you can put a everything in it or hang your backpack and all your shopping from Downtown Disney on it. Plus when one of the kids gets tired which they will you can give them a ride. I had this hang u about a 7 year old looking ridiculous but look around. A stroller from Disney is $8 per day which for a 5 Day Hopper pass would have been $40. I figured I saved $30 plus I left it behind so I didn’t have to pack it on the plane.

6. Bring a Camera. If you bring a digital camera make sure the card or Memory Stick is in it. ‘Nuff said. That goes along with if you advance buy a 5 Day Park Hopper Pass and get it mailed to you weeks in advance. Make sure you bring that too. ‘Nuff said.

5. Go to the pool. Everyone need down time and the pool is excellent cross training to stretch out the back and legs.

4. Dish out the dough for a good hotel. I’m not going to name names but we’ve gone to Disneyland twice now and most hotels gear themselves as flop houses for weary Disney travelers. In my current job I spend a lot of time in hotels and the standard of these $150 to $200 /night hotels is about the same as a $90 hotel in Williams Lake, with a few more towels. Next time we’ve already decided to go big and stay at one of the Disney Hotels.

3. Pack an empty Duffle Bag. We packed a 60 liter duffle bag. It gave un a place to throw all the dirty laundry and surprisingly it and all the other suitcases were jammed packed full on the way home.

2. Fast pass as much as you can. They are great but plan ahead because you can only get one fast pass at a time and if the pass says come back in 2 hours you’ve got 2 hours to fill and get on the top rides without waiting in a line up.

1. Have Fun. It’s the happiest place on Earth. Forget about the money, the job everything but the kids. You’ve already spent the inheritance getting there a few more bucks is not going to break you. I had a great time.

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