Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wearing Out !

When you travel a lot, whether by plane or by car, certain things can wear out quickly. The magazines sure run dry quickly. I use to relish those times on the road when a new Runner’s World or Trailrunner Magazine would show up in the mailbox. I never really read them at home. I have no time to read when I’m at home. I try to do more then my fair share of parenting because I’m never home so there is little time left to read my favorite magazines. There is time in the morning if I didn’t run but then what’s the point of reading a magazine about running when you could actually be doing it.

When you travel you read these, scratch that, you savor these articles and images of your favorite pastime like you savor putting on your Montrails for a morning run. So the fewer times you travel you savor the magazine more because the next issue may be a week away. The amount I’ve been traveling I’ve gone though these rags twice sometimes even three times. Of course you never throw them away in spite of the fact you could probably recite the page index and the picture credits for some of the better issues. So there is a catch!

Leading a traveling lifestyle although may sound exciting really isn’t. It’s probably more boring than anything. Sure you see things you don’t in your neighborhood but I like seeing my neighborhood. Right now I’m sitting in the Edmonton Airport flying to Calgary for a 2 ½ hour layover before my flight home. How exciting does that sound? I perused every magazine out there and nothing looked remotely interesting except the Outside Magazine with Lance on the cover. I would have bought it except I read it cover to cover on the flight home from Anaheim.

So this leaves books. I really get into books but the time commitment of getting into a novel is just so intense especially when you get a good one. I just don’t have that kind of time except for today. I think I just spent an hour maybe more ogling the books only to come up dry. I talked myself out of several because I knew I would never finish what I started at least not within the next couple of weeks.

Well at least there is blogging

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