Saturday, September 5, 2009

Podcasters Rehab

A lot of people questioned why I quit podcasting many months ago. Listenership was up at a peak almost. Popularity was high but Podcasting is like Crack. Podcasting is an addictive medium for which a modicum of self control is needed or else you stand the chance of losing it all. There is a certain rush associated with publishing your first podcast. The high becomes elevated after you watch your site meter for the number of downloads or streams. Your ego boosts and you become hooked when you get your first comment back and it is positive. Just like a drug you start looking for other avenues to elevate that high. The social media addiction ensues.

A website for the podcast,
Comments and Feedback
You open a separate Gmail account for the podcast
Get yourself on other peoples podcasts
The Runners Round Table
Podcast Alley
Podcast Pickle
Podshow, The Podsafe music
And In the case of a running podcast like mine there is Nike+ links, Runner Plus, and Buckeye Outdoors which has now spawned GoWagon.

Your vision becomes blurred by the popularity the hype. Sponsors start calling or emailing. Listeners keep commenting fueling that desire, the hunger. Your tired but you’re being held accountable by the social media. You run hurt or sore just to put a show. The show needs content. I can’t change the format now. Bless me Father for I have sinned, it’s been three weeks since my last podcast.

Hey Mom where’s Dad?! He’s on the computer checking his Twitter updates, getting his fix.

In the end you lose sight of the reason why you started the podcast in the first place. Why did I start this podcast because I can’t write worth a damn and I have an opinion that needs voicing. Or at least I felt needed a voice. Why are you listening to me anyway?

Can’t stop now. How do I stop now. Cold turkey. Stone cold turkey. The Betty Ford Clinic for Podcasters. Kill the podcast, kill Twitter, get off Buckeye.


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