Monday, September 7, 2009

Testing the Waters

Well I did my longest run of the year yesterday. I didn’t die but I did hurt a little towards the end. I threw “the 10% Rule” right out the door and on to the street. This was my test of mettle and testing grounds to see I could ramp up my mileage to do the Haney to Harrison Ultra.

The Haney to Harrison is 100K (actually 102km but who’s counting). It literally runs through back backyard. For this run I was able to try out Leg 4 which goes from Municipal Hall to Dewdney Elementary a distance of about 13km. There are I think 9 legs in the race usually run as a relay but for discussion purposes it makes it easier to talk about the legs for my ultra. Most legs are 13 km a few are shorter. I ran out to the start of the leg and ran the most direct route back for a total distance of just over 18 miles.

My longest run in the last 3 or 4 months has been about 12 miles so I increased my distance by 50%. I know why there is a 10% rule now.

Today I hurt. I would call it soreness not a pain. I went for a very easy recovery run today to assess the damage I inflicted yesterday. My knee was yelling at me and my hips said ouch more than once. I walked some and ran some but it doesn’t hurt to walk or bend down. I’m just a little stiff.

The whole idea is to see if I can get my mileage up to a respectable ultra distance before the final registration date when I finally have to commit. The race goes in two months and the final day to register is about 7 weeks from now so I still have time.

Today I expected soreness and stiffness. Tomorrow if I still feel it then that could spell trouble. I’m going to take it day by day. I guess we will see tomorrow


  1. I'm almost afraid to leave a comment for fear you'll "disappear" again. ;-)
    But, really, glad to see you're posting!