Thursday, January 1, 2009

Counting down to the Court Date

Do you believe in jinxes? I guess that is to say are you superstitious? I believe the Bible says not to believe in it as it gives power to the evil one. I can't help myself really, I'm a jock, an athlete if you will. We are superstitious by nature: favorite socks, favorite hat, pre-race routines the whole enchilada.

In baseball if a pitcher is throwing a no hitter nobody but nobody talks to him in the late innings. Nobody looks at him for fear of the 'stink eye'. It's bad mojo, superstition prevails we don't jinx.

In many sports during the playoffs they don't shave once again superstition.

January 1st was just a few days away when I started this post and with it our second court date. I can't help but think we somehow jinxed the first court date. I can't elaborate but I think we did. The question
is: Is writing about it now somehow changing my karma? I don't believe so because I'm not changing the groove. I am merely an observer to the celestial events I haven't bought any plane tickets I'm just taking it all in.

I must say the anticipation is killing me. If I don't post this then the karma dogs got the better of me. If I do post this then it gives Jenny an out and I become the fall guy.
Okay I di

At 11:30pm with just 30 minutes left in the year my pager went off. A
Cardiac call with ambulance delayed, something inside triggers everytime an cardiac emergency call comes in like somehow I've been given a special gift and only I can do this. But with just 30 minutes left in the year I knew I'd probably be on scene rather than at home ringing in the New Year.

As it turned out, the patient was DOA. In fact it was Mission's final homicide of 2008. With just 10 minutes left in the year we were told we could clear. I might make it after all I said to our District Chief on scene.
"Hey guys!" was the call from the paramedics.
"You jinxed it", I murmured to myself. A minor detail but just enough to have me on a truck rolling home when the clock struck midnight instead of at home.

The house was dark and quiet when I got home at 8 minutes after the New Year.

When the pager went off at 6:30 I was extremely groggy but I had the presence of mind to remember that this was the big day. Stay home dumbass!

I got up and let the dogs out. Silently I would wait. If the phone rang it would be good news. If the email alert went off it would be bad news.

7:00 and then 8:00 painfully I watched the time go by. I lit the prayer candle my mother-in-law brought by the night before. I popped my head in to the bedroom to see if Jen was awake. Bad move dumbass!

In my head, I fought off visions of that terrible day in November when we got the email and not the phone call. I quickly put it out of my head. Think positive, be happy.

9:00 Oh yet another cardiac call. I do nothing but silently stare at the computer scene.


  1. I am very Superstitious.
    Maybe it is because we are Jocks.

    In high school, before football games, I would not talk to anyone out of fear of losing my focus and allowing bad mojo in my head.
    Crazy Huh?

    Happy New Year.

  2. Good for you Rob. Hears to an Awesome Nuevo Ano 2009