Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolutions 2009

Well we are 3 days into 2009 and I’ve had a bit of time to think about things I’d like to change this year. I’m usually not one for resolutions, in fact I’m kind of a ‘Do It Now’ kind of person. Or more so ‘Do It Now or Never at All’ but I’ve been inspired.

Personal Resolutions
Communicate more. – I like blogging I really do but I get distracted by whatever comes along. Finding time to sit down for a hour or so just doesn’t happen so if I blog I will blog shorter. It’s taken 3 hours to complete this post. Work in progress.
Communicate efficiently – say it succinctly in as few words as possible. Whether it’s podcasting or blogging. Just don’t babble.
Details matter- I’ve always for as long as I can remember have been a Big Picture person and details were not as important. I’m finding more the details do matter in that it shows a different side of a the person.

Goals for 2009
 Run in a far off place. In picking up our daughter in Ethiopia I plan to get at least one run in.
 Run another marathon. The next goal and this goal are not necessarily exclusive of each other
 Set a some PR’s
 Run another Ultra. With my schedule I’ve got a short list right now
 Work the core. My core sucks and I’m going to change that now!
 Build the Upper body and gain some weight. I’ve got put on some muscle.

Yes it’s a short list but like I said the shorter it is the more efficiently I can get it out.

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