Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Manzella Wind Pro Gloves

I bought a new pair of gloves today at the Running Room. For all of you who do not know the Running Room is like a Canadian institution. Starting from one small store in Edmonton, it now has stores in every major city in Canada. Little did I know that the store I would visit today was actually store #1.

Manzella makes the gloves from Polartec fleece and come up well past the wrist. The Index and Middle finger and thumb have an added reinforcement for a little extra grip.

The official name of the glove in the Wind pro®-10 as part of the Manzella Glove Selection System. I chose the ‘warmer’ glove as there was also a ‘warmest’ and a ‘warm’ glove for three different climates.

They fit well and breath really well and don’t allow my had to get all sweaty. They were pricey at $39.99 but I had a gift card that I was dying to use. After yesterdays near frostbite episode, I did not want to be cold again. These gloves did not let me down.

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