Monday, January 5, 2009


Edmonton is not such a bad place after all. I never thought that I'd actually appreciate the cold Albertan weather. The weather has actually warmed up over the last week. Last week Edmonton was one of the coldest places in Canada at -42F. If you are wondering -40 is where the Celsius and fahrenheit scales meet and are equal.

But I must say Edmonton has got it together when it comes to snow removal and sanding. The streets are a beautiful mocha brown, beautiful maybe an over statement but I really love running on a surface with traction. Back home in Mission it is still slushy and the streets are frozen. In fact it was a snow day back home so even better that I'm out of town. I ran to Staples and around the downtown core where I am staying. There were some pretty interesting sites to see even in dark. I love exploring a new place.

Although I really miss my family when I'm gone and I think they miss me. Eatting out every meal really sucks and you have to find healthy places to eat. I'll have to work on that tomorrow!


  1. I was out North or Edmonton in the summer of 2000 one of the few places in the world that goes +40 in Summer and -40 in the Winter...still I bet land is cheap!

    Kudos for gettin' it done!

  2. Hi Rob,
    Really enjoying your podcasts. Here is a link for creating your own sock monkey. Perhaps you all could spend a weekend goofing and having a ball making the monkey, and at the same time creating memories for a lifetime.
    Be good!