Saturday, January 10, 2009


My world came crashing down in a blur as I touched down at the Abbotsford Airport. As I got off the plane and headed for the Arrivals area of the airport, I watched as people picked up their luggage and I patiently waited for mine to show. It never showed and in fact at this writing still has not shown up. I have been researching all sorts of lost luggage statistics to find some solace, a glimmer of hope.

I have been nothing but a cranky, miserable SOB since the moment my luggage failed to arrive. I would like to blame WestJet for my condition but really, I am in control of my mood and nobody else.

As I face the reality that my luggage may never show up, I keep going over all the things albeit material things that are in the suitcase that are very much part of
1) My brand new running shoes – I got them for Christmas
2) Running Pants –for cold weather running
3) Running Shorts
4) 2 pairs of running socks
5) Long sleeve running shirt that my boys bought my for my last birthday
6) My Ultimate Direction water bottle holder that my wife got for my first ultramarathon
7) Several running shirts
8) Work shirts
9) Pants
10) Underwear
11) Socks
12) A printer – yeah a mobile printer light compact expensive
13) My iPod Nano – doesn’t get much use now that I have a Touch
14) My digital recorder for recording my podcast along with the microphone
15) My electric shaver – I’ve had to shave with a blade for the first time in years –ouch!. Plus the other toiletries
16) My running jacket
17) Down vest for added warmth

Sure all these things are replaceable. However, with a baby on the way real soon I cannot afford the cost of replacing any of it. Some of thing things kind of go together. Much of it has been accumulated over years of acquisitions.

I cannot change what has happened and it has given me cause to re-evaluate my life. I may not run for a couple of days or until I can, figure something out but I will live.

Moreover, to my wife, I admit I have been an ass. Forgiveness is the first step in repairing the wounds.


  1. Hang in there.
    I hope it shows up.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog again. I'm really sorry about the bag - I can't blame you for being so unhappy about it - such a loss. But once you've gotten past it you'll put it all in perspective, as you've already started to do. You can't help the initial shock and frustration. Don't beat yourself up, brother!

  3. Hope your stuff finds its way back to you! And congrats on the baby!