Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Edmonton: Day 2

Awesome run today, I really tested my mettle. Although the run was only 8 miles it was -25C which is biting cold. The run started well deep in the heart of the city and within a few block of the hotel I found an awesome trail which I recorded my podcast. I don’t know how far the trail went on for I took it for about 4 miles out and turned around.

By the end of the run I couldn’t move my fingers. My wife called me on my cell phone and my hands were so frozen I couldn’t grasp the phone hard enough to pull it out of my pocket. I don’t think I could have lasted another mile in the cold but I had a ton of fun suffering through it. Is that pathetic or what?

When I I finally got inside and started to thaw out the pain of the circulation coming back into my extremities was excruciating. It’s later now and I’m totally thawed out. I didn’t suffer any noticeable windburn so I’ll be out there tomorrow

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