Sunday, January 4, 2009


We watched an amusing movie last night. “Surfer, dude” which is a film starring Matthew McConaughey. It was a bad movie but the premise of the movie was somewhat interesting. I will not spoil it for you but Steve Addington is a surfer, which is all he is. During the movie, we see what happens when a surfer has no surf and nothing else in his life. It is a long drought and this is possibly, where the movie dried up.

Nevertheless, I started to draw parallels between the main character and myself. You see it has been about three weeks since I last saw the street in front of my house. Three weeks ago, the snow came and stayed for a while, a long while. As a runner, I have longed for the clear open road and a chance to unwind on it. It started the day after school let out and it has not let up yet. I have had brief glimpses on the road and sometimes ventured out on to the snow pack or slush and ice or whatever safety allowed. However, these were very rare adventures. My moments of solace abate me.

And so now begins the real storm before the calm. In my entire work career, I do not think I have ever been busier. In the next 8 weeks from this day forward I have planned and in the books:

Two trips to Edmonton
One trip to Toronto
One trip to Prince George
Two trips to Kelowna
And topped of by one very important trip to Ethiopia.

Most of the trips will be flying some I may drive. The trip to Ethiopia is not in the books and as an added stress; my beautiful wife says she is going with or without me. First available date and she is gone. My first available date is the middle of February.

The Christmas break was simply wonderful well maybe not simple but wonderful just the same. The weather could not be better suited for a break as it almost forced us to stay home and relax or shovel snow. My back may never be the same. I am always sad to see long breaks end but this one I was ready to end it.

From what I understand, the weather pattern has changed and it will be warming up and switching to rain. Maybe I will be able to see the road beneath my feet once more. However, until that time I wait.

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  1. Busy busy busy! Awesome news again about the adoption; fingers crossed you can both go.

    Also hoping the weather clears up for you, while in now way as extreme down here, the whole Pacific Coast is getting some pretty funky weather of late!