Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 8: Still no luggage

Well today is Day 8 without my suitcase.  I get upset every time I think about it now.  I called WestJet this morning just to get an update.  Officially, the Central Baggage department is handling my case.  They have yet to make contact with me.


So far, I have gotten on with my life.  I am running on my old shoes that have close to 600 miles on them.  Yes, they do hurt and my hips and knees throb a bit afterwards but the good feelings far out weigh the bad.  However, the balance is quickly changing.  I do have two pairs of old shoes that I am switching out for the moment but both pairs have 500+ miles on them.  It is funny to note how different they feel after running two weeks on brand new shoes.  In the new shoes, I hardly felt anything until about 8 miles and I recovered quickly to run the next day.  Now I throb after five and probably could not run more than 4 times a week, even running consecutive days is taxing.


The loss of running clothes has been a challenge.  Although I have escaped the wintery climes of Edmonton, the temperatures are still below zero in the morning.  If I had something more than shorts to wear, I probably would wear it.  Seeing as I don’t I compensate by layering the top half with fleece, which is surprisingly comfortable to run in.  The weather has been compliant in that it has not rained since I have been back.  There is no rain forecast for the next 4 days.


As far as podcasting goes, I think I mentioned all my podcasting gear was in the bag as well.  Digital recorders are surprisingly cheap and I do use it for work as well, so I will be able to replace it and expense it.  The loss of the Giant Squid microphone is damaging.  Therefore, I will replace the recorder and be back in operation for the weekend.





  1. Sock monkey-I tried to e-mail you but it failed. If you are still looking for a sock monkey and you saw one in a craft fair in your town you can find the maker. Call your city clerk's office and ask who was the show organizer. Contact them and ask who made the monkeys. They'll know(you have to tell them what you will be selling). That way your son can meet the creator and you can help support your local monkey maker. Hope this helps. Kathy

  2. ugh this totally sucks for you!

    Let's hope they get on with your case asap!

  3. Take it easy. I did that once with over 600 miles on a pair of shoes. I think this eventually broke me down to injury.

    This is ridiculous about your luggage. I hope they can either track it down or replace the lost items.